29 October 2022

Benefits of Full Body Massage You Still Don’t Know

The best part about the current system of spas and salons in the year 2022 is that no matter how digitized the world gets, the sacramental activity of giving and getting a massage cannot originate from a screen. It may be counter-argued that there are applications for online appointments and house-visit services but a full-body massage, in essence, is not just about the pressing of muscles aimed at contraction and relaxation of body tissues, but it also draws a lot of importance from the ambiance and aroma of the surroundings one is in. This brings us to the question of the aftermath of a massage.

The aftermath of a Full-Body Massage

Image Source: Helen’s Haven

The aftermath of a Full-Body Massage

While it is absolutely natural and desired to feel relaxed, fresh and rejuvenated after getting a full body massage, sometimes one can also feel sore after a massage. After stimulating muscles that one may not usually use, one might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a physical or a physiological response to the inflammation as one’s body heals.

This particularly happens if and when you get a massage after a very long while or when your muscles are not accustomed to massage at all.

However, if you get consistent with getting a massage regularly, the soreness will go away. This is similar to the first day after gym being terribly painful and your muscles becoming stiff but then being accustomed to the activity and doing away with the pain.


Advised Frequency

The concept of body massage is to get your muscles relaxed when they get worked up. The frequency of getting full body massages near your home can be subjective to individuals but ideally, it is advised to undergo a full-body massage once in three weeks or once a fortnight (twice a month).


Immediate and Daily Benefits

The various and immediate benefits of getting regular massages are:

  1. Relaxation (or Stress-Relief): The most commonly faced problem by today’s workaholic generation is the tension accumulating in the body muscles. A massage relieves the stress collected in the body tissues and muscles because of prolonged sitting hours and high-pressure environments.
  2. Improving Blood Circulation: The people who get a regular body massage have testified to experiencing more active and energetic days, because of an improved blood circulation leading to immense energy and alertness.
  3. Betters Mental Health Immediately: The human body is directly controlled by the mind and brain. Thus when your body feels good, your mind also feels good and vice versa. This is because of the happy hormones that are released by the body, which help in reducing pain, anxiety and depression.
long-term benefits of a full body massage

Image Source: Massage4U

Long-Term Benefits to keep you Alive

When you become a regular at getting full body massages, the changes start reflecting in your body in the longer run and they are there to stay. There are many long-term benefits of a full body massage, out of which, a few are listed below:

  1. Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain: Fibromyalgia, which is a rheumatic condition characterized by muscular or musculoskeletal pain with stiffness and localized tenderness at specific points on the body, tends to last long in humans and is extremely painful. Getting a full body massage helps as a complementary treatment in reducing such pain in the longer run.
  2. Relief in Joint Pain and Low Back Pain: A low back pain can arise out of anything like arthritis, spondylitis or bulging/slipping disk. In such situations, a body massage has been considered very helpful by the doctors, and it is also stated that the pain lessens on regular massage therapy.
  3. Gets one rid of Insomnia: For people who have trouble sleeping at night, due to a plethora of reasons, full body massage relaxes the body muscles and reduces stress levels. This leads to a healthy sleep cycle and thus, a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Decreases Scars and Pain out of Burns: For people who get burnt and develop burn scars, massage comes to the rescue as it helps a lot of pain, itchiness and scars go away with time. Regular massages break down the scar tissue and make way for the skin to heal itself. Massages also calm the nerves and foster pain relief.
  5. Relief in Bowel Problems: One very lesser known positive side effect of a full body massage is a boon for people who have had bowel problems, whether recently developed or years-old. For someone who faces constipation problems or other digestive problems, a full body massage including the stomach helps reduce the inconvenience by a great measure. A massage also helps in post-surgery bowel movements.